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Industrial Blowers and General Ventilation

Airvec Systems also supplies and installs Industrial Blowers and General Ventilation Systems. With our in house capabilities, we can help you properly size systems for your specific applications.

Industrial Blowers

Industrial Blowers

Airvec Systems represents some of the most long-lasting Industrial Blowers in the market, including Chicago Blower which manufactures dozens of blower types to fit your specific application.

Air flows from as low as 250 CFM up to 950,000 + CFM and pressures from 0” to 108”. These includes airfoil, backwards inclined, radial and adjustable and controllable pitch options. We can also supply blowers with stainless, PVC and fiberglass air streams when required.

Whether your application is anything from clean dry air, to dirty hot air, to material handling -- Airvec Systems can design/build the perfect ventilation system to meet your requirments.

Industrial Blowers

General Ventilation

Airvec Systems has sold and installed general ventilation for many industries. Wall and roof ventilations are very common and typically sized based on room turnovers but we have also designed and installed fresh air inlet systems to help keep operators and process cool.

Along with these options we will supply or install heated air make up units (AMUs) or louvers for make air. We also fabricate and install sheet metal or fabric ducting to help disperse the air more evenly throughout the facility.