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Trim Collection

Trim Collection is normally a combination of pre separator and a final bag house or cartridge collector for fines. Systems are designed to remove trim such as paper, plastic, light metals from cutting, sawing or stamping processes. Material can be continuous or shredded at the point of capture depending on the application. Large material is separated and fed into large bins, balers or even directly into semi-trailers for recycling or disposal.

Industrial Cyclones Collector

Industrial Cyclones

Industrial Cyclones generate centrifugal force through cyclonic air movement as the primary method to capture, recover or remove large and high-volume dust from industrial applications. Industrial Cyclones are also utilized when there is very high dust loading.

Because the efficiencies are lower than a cartridge or bag house, many times they are used as a pre-separator for a bag house or cartridge collector.

  • Typical applications. Saw dust, metal chips, plastic chips, paper, corrugated board, cardboard, etc.

DanSep Material Separator

"DanSep" Material Separator

"DanSep" Material Separator normally used for paper, corrugated board or cardboard and can be used as the main separation component in your extraction system, and it can be placed directly over balers, containers and compactors.

  • Typical applications. Wood, grain, metal chips